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In 2014, the year that I turned 50 -- just like everyone who turns 50 -- I decided to make a major career change. (I also decided to move to a tiny house on an island in Mexico, but that's a different, shorter, story.) I wanted to "get back into computers," whatever that meant. Become a programmer, or a web developer -- not a designer -- someone who could make things that actually did stuff on the Internet.

I had a bit of a background in computers, from way back before the Internet was born. My first job out of college was working at Lotus Technical Support and teaching people how to use Lotus 1-2-3, Magellan, and Agenda. Then I went solo and became a "Certified Lotus Notes Application Developer." I made some great "groupware" applications for companies like State Street Global Advisors, Giga Information Group (bought by Forrester Research), and First Security (bought by Securitas).

... That's OK, kids. You don't need to know what those "Lotus" products were. Let's just say they were the vinyl records of the personal computer's Mesozoic era: primitive, by today's standards, yet oh-so-superior in so many ways to what we have today.

Oops, must not succumb to nostalgia bias!

(I just looked up "nostalgia bias" to see if it was a term, and found something even better: "rosy retrospection." Nice!)

Well, I loved the early computers. My first was a "luggable," and it looked like this. It cost $2,000 and weighed as much as a sewing machine. I have a vivid memory of my brother and I racing to catch a bus, running down Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge with our luggables in their shoulder bags whacking us hard in the hips with every stride.

And the coolness factor... what would be the equivalent for a young person today? That feeling of being the hippest person in town when you popped off the sturdy keyboard and tilted the LCD screen just so, inserted your shiny, black 5.25" floppy disk and heard that whirr, pfft, pfft? Maybe showing up at a meeting with the latest IPad Pro or VR goggles? Sure, people might gather around and say "oooh," but it's not the same...

Uh, oh! Rosy retrospection!

Well, here I am, in 2017, still determined to

You'll find study notes, tutorials, reviews, and cool tricks. Non-programmers will find tips on making cyber existence a happier place. I'll opine about the current state of the Internet, and, of course, if anyone wants to hire me for short term projects for $100 an hour, I can do that, too! :-)

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